Meet X-Floki

The "X" inspired Doggo!

WhAT IS X-Floki?

X-Floki: A Modern day DeFi Token launching on Pancakeswap!

Coupled with the best tokenomics, X-Floki will be on the way to become the next biggest Meme Token of 2023!

X-Floki will change the way you trade, as traditional trading methods provide a much slower way of buying and selling the tokens of your choosing, our X-Floki Dex will ensure that you get the fastest entries and exits from the tokens you snipe.

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Total Token Supply
0 M
Circulating Supply
0 M
Tokens Reserved for CEXs
Team Tokens

Tax Structure

$XFLOKI token trading will be subject to a total of just 1% tax.

It's time to change the way the world looks at Floki

Trusted team with a massive track record. Our powerful token will protect our holders from the turbulence of the crypto market and help them hold despite the uncertainty of the market.

We plan to make the name appear on every little corner of the world! Everyone will know X-Floki soon!


How will the XFLOKI Excosystem take shape?

Phase 1

Assemble the team
Write and deploy the $XFLOKI Smart contract
Build a strong and engaged Telegram community
Fairlaunch on Pinksale
Launch on PancakeSwap
Initial Marketing (Telegram calls, Twitter campaigns, Youtube Reviews, etc)
Reach 1000 holders

Phase 2

Start building the X-Floki Ecosystem
List X-Floki on major cryptocurrency exchanges
Launch of the X-Floki Staking Dapp
Audit by Solidity Finance
Release of the Dashboard to provide rewards statistics
Launch X-Floki NFT marketplace
Release of the X-Floki play-to-earn game
Partner with other cryptocurrency projects

Phase 3

Release of the X-Floki Dex.
Audit by Certik
Launch X-Floki Swap
X-Floki Merch Shop
Deals with bigger and more mainstream influencers (Instagram, Youtube, TikTok)

Talk with the Team Live!

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Pricing plans

In order to use the bot, a wallet needs to hold tokens.

Basic Bot

For basic features
$ 500
  • Basic Bot features that will be available for 500$ worth of tokens at time the wallet uses the bot for the first time.

Premium Bot

For premium features
$ 800
  • Premium Bot features will only be available for wallets holding at least 800$ worth of token at time the wallet uses the bot for the first time.


For NFT Holders
  • VIP Bot features will be exclusively available for Maximus Sniper NFT holders, more info coming soon.


Killer of "X" and "DOGE"

Community driven projects are the ones that stay, we can assure you that X-Floki is 100% community driven. With X-Floki, we want to share a message that explains that every token deserves a second chance and with a better re-branding and community, X-Floki will be far better than original Floki.

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